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EDIS Early Warning System is a comprehensive solution that offers the ability to effectively detect and send advance warnings using advanced technology during the occurrence of natural disasters. The system quickly detects the occurrence of emergencies such as earthquakes and floods and sends alerts to residents, infrastructure organizations and other stakeholders before they occur, enabling them to take preventive measures.

The unique advanced AI-based architecture is the foundation of the project and supports the goals of raising public awareness, minimizing damage and promoting prevention measures. This project is the result of the joint efforts and expertise of Hubbox IoT Solutions, Synthesis Earth and Structural Engineering, Target Audience, and resulted in an incorporation process.

Within the scope of the project, which was launched in Istanbul in June 2022, EDIS Seismic Detection Systems, which were placed in strategic areas determined in the Marmara Region, were designed to transmit instant signals to all users within seconds.

The system is planned to cover a wide range of services from hospitals to gas services, schools to small businesses, railways to business centers. In this way, the project aims to minimize loss of life and property by providing a fast and effective early warning system in areas vulnerable to earthquakes and natural disasters.

In line with the goal of taking the project to a global scale, it has been launched in many countries with similar infrastructural risks. Aiming to maintain its leading position in technology and collaboration, EDIS pursues its vision of providing a continuously evolving solution to increase social resilience against disasters.

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